Our History

Hurricane Baptist Church in 1932 after the completion of renovations to the building and the addition of the stone barrier around the yard of the church.


This is an article printed in Aug. 25 issue (1940) in the Religious Herald.


Herald Prints Church History

Re. W. M. Thomas Is Pastor of Hurricane Church

On the 11th day of January, 1900 Rev. G. W. Kilgore began a meeting which continued for fifteen days and resulted in the conversion of 26 persons. These were baptized by Rev. G. W. Kilgore, and with eight member of other Baptist church the Hurricane Church was organized on February 11, 1900.

This meeting was held in the Beverly Schoolhouse which was used for a meetinghouse until a new church meetinghouse was built. This was completed during the pastorate of Rev. Mr. Kilgore. He was at this time also judge of the circuit court of this district.

On the 10th day of March, 1904 the following deacons were elected and ordained: W. J. McLemore, W. A. Hash, John B. Gilliam, and W. S. Beaverly.

Rev. G. W. Kilgore served as pastor till March, 1904, when Rev. J. C. Shipe was elected pastor at the April meeting. He served the church for two years.

The following pastors have served the church in the order given: Rev. G. W. Edens, J. B. Thomsas, M. L. Mints, I. B. Sorah, J. F. Davis, J. F. Cook, F. H. Fuller and R. E. Riley. The present pastor (Rev. W. M. Thomas) began his work April 10th of this year and both pastor and people are working together most harmoniously, and the work is making fine progress.

The beautiful meeting-house was bought during the pastorate of Brother Cook, and remodeled, and an addition was built and the house was veneered with brick and a beautiful stone was built around the lot, making one of the most beautiful buildings in Wise County.

Deacon W. A. Hash has been interested in the building of this church as but few men rarely found. During the present year the church has refloored the auditorium and put in a warm air furnace and new pews. Brother Hash donated the pews, and they are most comfortable and the church has every reason to be proud of her new home.

The community is most progressive, and most everyone attends the church services. We have three good B. Y. P. U.’s and most enjoyable program are rendered each Sunday evening. Regular preaching days are the second and fourth Sundays.

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